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Gabrielle: The Speaker
As an accomplished speaker, Gabrielle inspires youth and adults around the world to go after their dreams by unleashing their unique value

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Gabrielle: The Author
The Making Of A Young Entrepreneur is geared toward helping others build a solid business foundation using the same principles Gabrielle employed when she started her business at age 9.

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Gabrielle: The Entrepreneur It all began with a little girl who loved to make jewelry. With that passion, Gabrielle founded Jewelz of Jordan, her Maryland-based jewelry company, in 2009 when she was 9 years old.

What They’re Saying about Gabrielle…

Throughout her talk, I was saying to myself “where did this kid get her chutzpah?!” I’m more than three times her age and I don’t have nearly that much chutzpah. She got up on that stage and spoke to a room of over 250 people and got a standing ovation. I realized that if a 13 year old girl could move a room full of adults, then half the battle is in just believing it.”

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